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When we founded Baltelectron in mid-2000’s to purchase parts for our loose club of electronics hobbyists, it’s purpose was to help us save on shipping through consolidation, and to provide a venue to purchase from strictly b2b companies. And we had no clue that this would grow from a hobby to a work of our lives, from one guy’s part-time job to a company with over 50 employees and offices on three continents.



Baltelectron offer of state-of-the-art electronics production, fabrication of samples and prototypes. Our diverse technical and engineering expertise extends to all stages in a product’s life cycle, from generating 3D models and simulations to developing specifications, from PCB design to prototype creation, from mass production to fabrication of fixtures and molds for enclosures.

Baltelectron can also reduce your costs by improving component and design choices, reducing the number of parts, debugging, optimizing design and serviceability. Adding our knowledge in other fields, we can establish a reliable supply chain and develop test and quality control procedures.




As a professional buying components from an open market, whether for your own production or for resale, you know how big of a risk undetected substandard and counterfeit parts pose to your business. And though excessive re-procurement costs can be absorbed, delays in time to market can be made up for, the damage to your company’s reputation may never be repaired.

Baltelectron eliminates these risks by employing with some of the most relied upon electronic components testing labs among the free market distributors. These labs are on the front line of counterfeit detection, their certifications include ISO 9001, ISO 17025, ANSI/ESD-S20.20