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About Us

When we founded Baltelectron in mid-2000’s to purchase parts for our loose club of electronics hobbyists, it’s purpose was to help us save on shipping through consolidation, and to provide a venue to purchase from strictly b2b companies. And we had no clue that this would grow from a hobby to a work of our lives, from one guy’s part-time job to a company with over 50 employees and offices on three continents.

Whether you are a repair technician, an R&D specialist, or a student – we have the right solutions for you. If you have an expensive machine tool that is down, a sketch for a new product that will beat competition, or an idea that will change the world – we know you just cannot wait.

Now, over a decade after our inception, our focus has widened to include component testing, kitting, pcb engineering, contract manufacturing, consulting, and asset retirement services, however component distribution and procurement remain our core business. And though our customer base has expanded from amateurs and hobbyists to professional repair technicians, R&D departments of global manufacturers, and … we still remember our legacy, and treat our customers and suppliers as members of our club. Only the club got bigger. And you’re welcome to join!


What is the reason for our success? It is, like with any other business nowadays, is being able to provide excellent service and customer-specific solutions while maintaining price competitiveness. We achieve the first by committing an unparalleled amount of support staff resources to every sales project, and by a deep integration of customer-specific or project-specific requirements into the entire business process. It is not unusual for Baltelectron to assemble a supply chain or distribution network for a singular ambitious project. With this customer-centric attitude, it is of utmost importance that we speak the language of both our customers, and our suppliers, so Baltelectron maintains a multilingual team, both sales and tech support, who speak five languages – English, German, Chinese, Russian, and Latvian. We maintain our price competitiveness through presence as a purchaser in Northern America, Europe and Asia, and taking advantage of regional pricing differences every time. Distribution and representation agreements which are a foundation for every production-oriented distribution business are too constraining since our philosophy is procuring the maximum range of products without minimum quantities. Absence of these binding agreements, as well as a worldwide presence, allows us to bring global pricing to local markets.